Contributing to the project

There's a lot more work left before SQL and Meteor is ready for general use. We could use your help to get it done faster! Thank you in advance for helping make this project a reality.

Try it out

It will be hard to figure out what improvements we should focus on without feedback. If you're an enterprising developer, try building some stuff with it and tell us what breaks. File issues on GitHub.

Write docs

If you find that something in the documentation isn't well explained or could use improvements, or if you discovered some new information and want to share it, please submit a PR to the docs. This is just as valuable as new code, since without good documentation nobody will be able to use this stuff.

Write code


Currently, this repository contains sketchy versions of Meteor's accounts-base and accounts-password packages that are modified to work with SQL. They have just enough functionality for super basic password login to work so that you can run the Todos example app, but there's a lot more to do here.

In addition to building the functionality of the accounts packages, there is also some design to do about how a single package can work across different databases.

See the GitHub issues tagged accounts for more details.

Client-side cache

Right now, there is a query builder that converts chained Knex queries into Minimongo queries, that lives here. It could be improved to support more different kinds of queries.

There are also other improvements that could be made. See more on GitHub.

Relations and ORM

Currently all of the support is build around the Knex query builder, but we haven't done that much about modeling relations, or supporting its ORM sibling, Bookshelf.

There's a Quip document about different ideas for publishing relational data from the server. It might be good to implement some of those ideas.